Friday, April 20, 2012

March 2012 catch up post!

March 2012

I haven't posted much about Beck recently, so this is a catch up post. It's hard to figure out how to organize my posts now. I used to only once a month, when Beck got a month older, but now that Liv is here and he's over a year old... it seems weird to keep track of his life in months since he's 2, and then some things would overlap b/c of posting on hers and his, but I want her to get the monthly posts just as he did. Sooooo.... this is whatcha get!

Most of what's fun about Beck right now is what he says, which is nearly impossible to catch on camera. It's not as good the second time or he quits as soon as I turn on a camera. So I'll write about them. Beck gets very jealous when any attention is turned to Liv, so we try to include him. In the mornings when Jamie's making breakfast he sings a song to Liv "Livy Sue, I see you, yes I do." Well Beck wants to be included so Jamie says "Livy Sue, Beck sees you, yes he do." Haha! Well now Beck sings it to her all the time on his own. She eats it up! He also plays peek a boo or says "I'm gonna get you!" to her. Cute stuff. 

Jamie is the tickle king as you know if you're remotely familiar with him... well he tricks Beck into looking up, then tickles him under his chin and says "my finger's stuck, my finger's stuck!" So now Beck will either say it while Jamie's tickling him, or he'll tickle one of us and say it to us. 

His newest is going to work. He loves to imitate Daddy! One day we were playing and he got his Cars ride-on car and said "See ya! I'm goin to work!" Then he ran over to me and said in a hurried voice "I need a kiss!" Kissed me. "Oh and a hug!" He gives hugs on both shoulders. Never just one. Then he comes back and says "Beck's home, Beck's home! I'm so glad to see you!" and runs to give me hugs. Then he realized he forgot his coffee!! He helps Jamie make his coffee every morning. So he got a to-go coffee cup (like Jamie takes) and put it in his car. Classic. He will do that scenario over and over and over. He finally added "I'm going to the the store!" That would be him trying to be like Momma. Haha!

Veggie Tales! He got very upset when Bob left the stage. 
Learning how to step off a curb without holding on to something. I was amazed... he milked it.
 Carrying his box of Cars EVERYWHERE! on a walk...

 Um yeah...
 Loves his backpacks!
 Tattoos at the zoo!
 Spent the night at Mimi's after Disney on Ice where he got Jessie! Woke with a dry diaper!

 Despite what the picture leads you to believe, he is NOT interested in coloring.
 First Ice Cream Cone all to himself!

 She would eat him if she could.
 At the zoo with Luke!
He's trying to get Jessie to open the door. He did this over and over. 

 His TWO birthday shirt
 Liv's VROOM birthday onesie for Beck's party
I added ruffles and a flower (on front, not pictured) to make it more girly

He gets Jamie's tie, walks into the kitchen and says "Momma, I'm goin to work!"

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

For Easter this year we stayed in the Ville. Jamie could only get Sunday and Monday off work and Brooklyn had school on Monday, so we didn't want to do the drive back and forth in one day. We missed seeing all our Indy family!!

Since we weren't going to Indy I was bummed, but as the weekend went by and people realized we would be in town, we were able to do some unexpected fun stuff!

The Shockleys invited us over to their house Saturday morning before Jamie went to work, for an egg hunt. Their families were in town and welcomed us like their own. Beck and Mason got to hunt for eggs together and loved it! Beck didn't care too much about gathering the most, he cared more about what was inside. He'd have opened the first one and played with whatever was inside that the rest of the time if we hadn't pushed him along.

Since their family was in from out of town, they stayed in a hotel down the street and invited us to swim. Jamie went off to work but Beck, Liv, and I went to the hotel. Liv napped in the room, but Beck and I swam for the first time since last summer. I was anxious to see how he liked the water! He loved it! He wore a life jacket and was very eager to jump off the side into the water, whether I was ready or caught him, but he wasn't so eager to have me let go of him while he was floating in the water. After swimming for a bit we had lunch and then went to Mimi's to take naps.

The Shockleys invited us back to the hotel for dinner and more swimming. We had fun hanging out with the family on the hotel patio, playing cornhole, blowing bubbles, and eating pizza. After dinner, we swam again and Beck was like a different kid in the pool. If I tried to hold on to him in the water he'd say "no momma". And that was it. He was swimming on his own. Still obsessed with jumping off the side over and over and over. Of course he had some floating CARS bath toys that he would throw and chase after. He can't go anywhere without playing with Cars. So we'll definitely be buying some of those for the pool this summer!When Daddy got off work he stopped by for a quick swim to see how his big boy was swimming. He was amazed- as amazed as he gets at least! Ha! And I can't wait to see how he progresses throughout the summer. A little nervous too as he didn't seem afraid of anything!

On Sunday we went to church, then to Grandma Janet and Papaw Scott's for lunch and another egg hunt.

We had an awesome Easter and were grateful for the Shockley's family to allow us to be a part of their Easter. Beck still asks if we can go swimming and my answer is "Mimi Rose (Mason's grandma) had to go bye bye." So he'll say that whenever he wants to go swimming b/c he knows that will be my response.

Liv 6 months

Liv 6 months

My baby girl is already half a year old! I can't wait for this girl to love girlie things, to love dresses, to carry her purse around, and to want her nails painted. I find myself torn between holding on to the baby and wanting her to grow up so I can experience my girl as a toddler. I just love the age Beck is at so I can't wait for her to get there! Jamie and I laugh at how different it is with your second child. I would post every tiny thing he did like my kid was the only one doing it. Then you have your second and realize "oh. They all do that." haha! We get a big kick out of it. But everyone has to experience their first baby and has the right to share every little detail! And hope the second at least gets some attention. "Poor Livy", is what we say...

This month Liv started sitting up. I saw another 5 month old sitting and was like "hmmm? I wonder if Liv can do that?" Sure enough. She started the month a little wobbly and ended sitting like a pro. I checked Beck's blog and he was sitting at the same age, which tells ya whether you work with them or not, they will progress, bc I can assure you we worked with Beck way more.

This girl has got sleeping perfected. The rolling has completely resolved itself. She easily rolls both ways now and so it doesn't wake her up or make her cry to roll anymore.

7am wake, eat, play
8:30/9 nap (I let her wake on her own for naps at this age b/c I've trained her to wake at the appropriate time, give or take a half hour)
10:30 wakes, eat, play
1:00 eat, nap (this deviates from the eat, wake, sleep Baby Wise pattern bc I'm training her to nap twice a day and take her afternoon nap with Beck. I'm ok with the deviation bc she doesn't fall asleep at the breast and it doesn't affect her routine)
4:00 wake, eat, play
7pm eat, bed for night (it's very hard to keep her awake for 3 hours but she's getting better)

She loves baths with her brother! She thinks he's the funniest thing! She's captivated by his every move. And just within the past week he has started interacting with her in a more mature way. He tries to get her to play with him or carry her places. They're gonna be best buds!

Last week he told her he loved her. Ahhhh my heart melted. He's only told two people he loved them, she was the second, Mason was the first. We tell him I love you all the time obviously and have tried to get him to reciprocate voluntarily since he started talking nearly a year ago, but he would only say it if we told him to. One day he was hugging Mason and he told I'm I love you. Then about a week later he was hugging Livy and told her I love you. It was adorable, bc you knew he meant it. He understood that it was something we said when we felt it, so he used it at an appropriate time, when he felt it. Ahhhh love it.

She still nurses 5 times a day (7, 10, 1, 4, 7). No table foods yet.

Beck's Big Boy Bed!

On Saturday march 29th Beck climbed out of his crib during nap. This was the second time in two days so we decided it was time to transition to his toddler bed. He had just turned two also. We didn't prepare him for the transition because we didn't even know we were going to do it. We had been waiting on signs from him. Sunday after church we came home and turned his crib into a toddler bed. We had him help hoping he'd be excited to use it. He was! I quickly began researching how to transition on the babywisemom website. I had ideas already based on what I've heard my friends talk about. I knew I didn't want him to get out of bed until I "released" him and that I'd discipline him if he got out when he wasn't supposed to. When he'd climbed out during his naps he had stayed in his room playing so I feared that would be what would happen in a big boy bed.
So here's how it went...

Day 1 nap: His nap came first which I guessed would be the hardest because he's not as tired, and it was but yet surprisingly easy at that. Jamie was the one to lay him down and he didn't go through the routine that I do with him daily so I definitely think that affected his reaction. Soon after Beck got out of bed and opened the door. I took him back in and fixed the things Jamie missed like his sound machine and sang him Jesus Loves Me. As I laid him down I explained to him that if he got out he'd get a spanking. I walked out and a few minutes later he came out again. I spanked him and put him back in bed and reminded him he'd get a spanking if he came out again. He was quiet for a while so I figured he fell asleep but then he started talking again, so Jamie peeked in. He was just sliding off the bed so Jamie told him to get back in bed then shut the door. He fell asleep and slept for 2 hours. When he woke up I heard him talking so I hurried in so I could find him in bed which I did. I praised him for staying in his bed until momma came to get him and for sleeping in his big boy bed! He was very excited!

Day 1 night: That night when I laid him down for bed I told him if he got out of bed he'd get a spanking and I reminded him that when he woke in the morning he was supposed to stay in his bed and call for me and I would come get him out of bed. He didn't try to get out of bed.

He woke up a little early in the morning, about 6:30, so I was worried he'd get out of bed before I went to get him at 7. But he didn't. I went in right at 7 and he was sitting in his bed with a big smile on his face. I praised him again.

Day 2 nap: I put him to bed reminding him of the 2 rules. After a few minutes he came out so I gave him a spanking. He fell asleep. He slept for 3 hours and when he woke I was nursing Liv so I was worried he'd get out of bed if I didnt go in there right when he woke, but he didn't. He was in his bed when I went to get him about 5 minutes after he woke. I praised him again.

Day 2 night: we did our routine then I laid him down, reminding of the rules... He fell right asleep. In the morning he woke up at 6:50. He was in his bed when Jamie got him up at 7.

Day 3 nap: Jamie laid him down about a half hour early. He didn't do his routine again, he just laid him down. However he put the video monitor in the room to watch him. He played in his bed for a long time, about 10 minutes. Then he started to get off his bed. Jamie saw him on the monitor and yelled into him "Beck!" Then Jamie went to his room and told him to get in bed. He did and fell asleep. He slept for 3 hours. He woke and waited in his bed until Jamie went in to get him.

Day 3 night: I laid him down at 6:55. I was worried it was too early but he wanted to go to bed and I had the flu so I went with it. We did our routine (couldn't see the stars glowing on the ceiling bc the sun was still up!) I reminded him of the rules and laid him down. He talked for about 30 minutes then started crying. After about 10 minutes I went and checked on him. I couldn't open the door because he was standing in front of it. I put him back in bed and he fell asleep.

Day 4 nap: same ol routine... But he never got up! Went right to sleep!

Day 4 night: same again... Went right to sleep! The next morning he woke up at 6am for some reason. He talked and then whined for momma to get him out of bed like he used to do in his crib, but he never got out. When we went in at 7 he was still in his crib! I think we have a winner folks!