Friday, September 17, 2010

Beck's 1st Camping Trip

Labor Day 2010

The time had come... for Beck's first camping trip! We went camping at Spring Mill with the Seymores, Shockleys, and Williams. We only stayed one night because I feared how it would go. I figured he'd do alright, it was me I was worried about! I don't do well under extreme elements. I'm a little tempermental. Shocking. I know. Don't get me wrong, I love camping, but with a baby!? I wasn't so sure. BUT it turned out to be awesome! I actually wanted to stay another night. I got over my issues of his toys, stroller, and him getting dirty. I was unrecognizable, well... maybe. Ha!
The weather couldn't have been more perfect and Beck did so well. He LOVED having other kids around to play with. They kept him entertained so well that I hardly had to tend to him, which in turn made naptime difficult. He was so stimulated by all the people and new sights, not a chance he was gonna take a nap in his pack n play with so much going on around him. But all it took was walking about 50 feet in the stroller and he was out. At night it got down to 45 degrees, so we layered, and layered. He made it until 2 a.m. at which point the sound machine (cell phone) died and he woke up. I didn't mind. I was anxiously awake and waiting for him to wake up so I could bring him into bed with me and warm his little hands and face up. So while I slept very little that night, he slept great! It was so cozy to wake up to him in our bed, on a cold morning, in our tent.

Little Miss Sunshine

In August, our very own Little Miss Sunshine, Lainey, came to the 'ville! She stayed with Mom for a week, all by her self; so we were sure to spend some time with her every day. I arranged for a day at the zoo with Tami and her girls, Amiah and Sadie, because I knew they'd have a good time together. That they did! After playing for a bit at the Chick-fil-a playground, Lainey said, "we're best friends". Then off to the zoo we went to make more memories. We later discovered this was Laine's first time at a zoo- yay!!! She first "busted a move" in the water fountains. Hystarical. Then off to Amazonia! The jaguars were especially cool! They were inside that day and played with Laine and Miah against the glass. The not so cool part that day was the cockroach invasion! As we entered Amazonia I was a little worried how Laine and Mom would handle it. The humidity doesn't do so much for the hair and the animals are a little close. Well, this day in particular, they were a little closer than normal. There were cockroaches EVERYWHERE! On the walls, all over the floor, everywhere! And these are the kind you could put a leash on. I'm talkin' big. But I have to give Mom props, she didn't spaz like I thought she would. However, we weren't out of the "woods" yet! I had been meaning to tell her about the gigantic fake snake that was positioned on the walking path, but I got distracted as we came upon it. Well Mom and Laine found it! I hear "Caasssssiiiee!?!?" Then Lainey starts crying, Mom scoops her up, backs up, and I think I even saw a tear in Mom's eye. Haha! Then again, "Caaasssssiieeeeeee!?" And I think "oh yeah, I forgot to warn her about the snake." So I yell "it's fake Mom!!!" Sheeeww, close one! But we survived Amazonia and went on to enjoy the rest of the zoo.

Beck enjoyed spending time with his favorite cousin! She called him "buddy". "Little buddy needs a diaper change." "Little buddy wants his pacifier." "Little buddy likes his toys." Hilarious.

One night while we were hanging out, Uncle Jamie taught Laine how to make paper airplanes and do magic tricks. She added her own style to each. She threw her planes with a very diva-esque pose and blew in her hand to make things disappear. Magic!

We love when she visits and we can't wait til she comes back!