Monday, July 12, 2010

1st Haircut: 3 months

After much debate between Jamie and I, we finally gave Beck his first haircut. It was more of a trim really, but still, a very big commitment for me! Jamie would have cut it off long ago! It was starting to look mulletish I would have to say. Last night we were hanging out with friends. Our friend Megan is a hairstylist and brought along her razor because she knew I'd been debating for a while. The time was right. With friends gathered and cameras blazin', we took the leap! Poor Beck was sleepy and didn't eat well with all the commotion, so he fussed through the hair cut. Megan took great care of him and did a super job! We basically trimmed the back of his neck and took some off the top in the back (which had grown longer than the front and stuck up straight because of how he slept on it). We gave him a clean cut faux-hawk, which is exactly what I'd dreamed of ever since I picked out his name. It seemed fitting! Anyway, the pics tell the story. Enjoy!

Afterwards Beck got together with his besties, Mason and Reed, for a photo shoot. Mason, a friendly guy, got a little too friendly! Hahaha!!! I happened to catch it on video. Too funny!

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

As a new stay at home mom I've decided I want to learn how to bake... without burning something or leaving out an ingredient! I needed a reason to bake and the 4th of July was a good one! We invited our friends, the Shockleys and Williams, over to be the guinea pigs for my baking debut! I decided it needed to be festive so I went with a blueberry pie. Yum! Besides overbuying blueberries (apparently the ounces on the container aren't in mass).... at least I had common sense enough to know when I was measuring it out that it looked like too many blueberries and rethink the measurement. Luckily Jamie was close by to teach the difference in mass and volume! (yes I teach that in 3rd grade... but it's much different in reality than concept!) All in all, it was a succes!! And tons of fun to make the lattice top and Jamie taught me how to "fork it"!

We discovered that our neighborhood is the place to be for the 4th! Since we're on the Ohio, we can see Newburgh and Evansville's firework shows, and lots of others. One of our neighbors had his own display that we wondered if we should pay a fee to watch since they were so elaborate. Beck didn't really know fireworks were going off all around him, but he got his first pic with them to prove it! He and his BFF, Mason Shockley, enjoyed playing together though. He also played his first game of cornhole with Daddy!

Also on the 4th weekend, Beck learned to roll over (yaaayyyy!!) AND sit in his Bumbo! We were at Mom's... Beck was taking a nap... he had been crying for a while... so I went in to check on him and found him face down in his crib. Since Mom had put him down I checked with her, but she said she had put him on his back. So, he turned on his own!! I felt bad then for making him cry so long- but hey, he survived!! Now he turns all the time on his playmat, trying to grab onto his toys. He doesn't always get his arm out from under him, but it's a work in progress! Then he saw his bestie, Mason, sitting in his Bumbo, so Beck decided he wanted to give it a go. We had tried 2 weeks ago but he fell over. Well by gollie all he needed was a little time (and a pep talk from Mason) and he got it! We were so excited- Daddy even sang him his favorite song to celebrate!

He is loving his thumb! And so is Mom!!! No more pacifier! I take a pic as often as possible because he's so darn cute sucking his thumb!

Check out what all Beck can do on his videos below!!