Friday, March 30, 2012

Beck's 2nd Birthday!

Beck Turns TWO!!!!

He spent the night at Mimi's the night before his birthday so that Momma could make his Mater cupcakes without interruption (good thing too b/c they took FIVE HOURS!) Since Luke was in town, Beck's crib at Mimi's was taken, so we decided to try him in a big boy bed. Daddy laid with him for a bit, but he just tried to wrestle Daddy. So after a while we finally just left him alone. We checked on him about an hour later and he was fast asleep. Mimi said he woke up once at 5:45am, so she checked on him. He was still in his bed, leaned over the side, looking at the ground. She laid down with him and he fell back asleep until about 8am. He got a birthday greeting and a crown when he woke!
He also had his first ever dry nighttime diaper! Hip hip hooray!!

Uncle Joshie and Luke say Happy Birthday Beck!! (Beck has given Josh the name Joshie)
Sis helping Momma make the Mater cupcakes!
Step 1 Bake the 6 large cupcakes and 12 regular, then cut off the tops of 6 regular
Step 2 Ice the cupcakes and sprinkle with crushed cookie (have you tried to ice a cupcake while holding it?! then set it down without tipping it over!?)
Step 3 Ice some more, apply teeth, headlights, eyeballs, and tires (so the tires are what made this a huge ordeal. the recipe called for a specific type of cookie that apparently doesn't exist in Evansville or anymore, I don't know. So I bought a version of that cookie but it wasn't the right size or shape to be a tire. Therefore I had to hand carve all 60 tires with a knife into tires. I now have lots of broken cookie pieces that I use to make my nightly blizzards. Yum!)
The finished product... black eye balls would have made him not look so spooky.

Luigi's Ding Dong Tires

Stoplight Fruit Kabobs
Yes the RED McQueen fruit punch boxes would've matched the decor much better... but did I want 10 kids running around my house with RED fruit punch?? No. So I deviated from the theme just a tad. It works.

Grandma Janet made the lightening cheese for me!

Notice the craftsmanship on those wheeels! Spectacular.
Mimi made the Graham Cracker Stop Lights for me! Delegation...
For the past week if you said anything about his birthday, such as "Beck what do you want for your birthday?" or "Beck who's coming to your party?" His response was "cake!" And he meant it. You see Grandma Janet is the world's best cake maker and she makes us a cake at least twice a month. A few months ago she got the okay from Momma that Beck could eat a few bites of cake when it was served. Well she now serves him an entire piece. And he pretty much devours it and loves it. So when he heard Momma was making him a Mater cake (or 6), that's all he talked about. You can see he's excited about the cake in this pic!
Mason giving Beck a hug! Watch out for the Cake!!!
Mason loved Beck's car!
And Beck loved Mason's car!!
The Hansons brought their four wheeler... it was a big hit for the big kids!!
Their fearless leader ??? I guess this is when Beck was getting a band aid for his bloody knee. I came back to LOTS of random pics like this.
Miah was a big helper pushing Reed around!
Mimi and Pops got Beck a picnic table! We are going to have lots of fun with it this summer!!
I wish I'd taken a better pic of their outfits b/c I made them... I used Cars fabric and Beck's shirt says TWO and Liv's says VROOM with a McQueen cutout, a fabric flower, and ruffles on her butt.

Mater kisses
Mine. All mine.

Sadie and Laine
This is just funny.

Papa Gregor got him a basketball goal! He loves it!