Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kiawah 2013

Kiawah 2013

We were blessed with a trip to Kiawah Island, South Carolina in March with our friends the Seymores.

Kiawah or BUST!

I came up with this as a way to help time pass and promote good behavior for Beck. He started on the red light and with good behavior he made his way to the green light. When he reached the green light he received a treat bag with activities, a snack, new socks, and a new toy. 

One of the activities from his treat bag. Puff balls with magnets to stick on his metal tray. 

A trip to the Aquarium

Baby birds

Fish lips


Snack Time

Craft Time: Making Plates

We rode bikes everywhere. The trails are awesome! Lined with trees!

12 scoops of Ice Cream and 12 toppings in sand buckets!

Every man for himself!

Ice cream with a shovel!

The coolest children's museum!!! The water table. 

The dam at the water table.

Doin a little grocery shoppin'!

In the checkout line... fish and magazines!

Parker the cashier. Reed the customer. Liv on her way home.

Parker and Avin servin' up sandwiches!

Angel Oaks Tree. She was excited!