Friday, July 15, 2011

Beck 15 Months

I think he's givin' me the eye!
Meet Luke Hepler!
Best cuz!
Pool time at Papa Gregor's

Uncle Jamie "the big kid"
Swimmin' with Dad.
1st homemade smoothie popsicle.
1st homemade smoothie!
Helping sweep
VERY excited about sweeping!
Screaming with excitement inside the dryer.
My mom is so cool... she let me in the dryer!
1st time with Play-doh!
He thought it felt funny and made lots of faces.
Droppin' off big sis at G.D. Ritzy's for her first day at work!
Sleepytime with Aunt Cass.
Brushin' Aunt Car's hair.
Big time with a paper roll.
Family pic, courtesy of Laine
Testing out the 2-seater cart at Target.
Keeping rocks safe inside the car.
Collecting rocks.

Mason's last day.

The theme this month was "busted knees". The dude fell down all the time and scraped his knees. Very sad. But he's a tough fella. He's also a bit of a climber. Instead of crawling under the arch to get into his "fort", he climbs over the wall. Instead of sitting on his "fort" stool, he stands on it, trying to get into the sink to stand in that, I might add.

We added a few new signs to Beck's sign language repertoire. He was doing "more" for everything, so we added "help" and "eat". If he is playing with a toy and can't figure it out, he puts the toy down and signs "help" vigorously. Funny stuff.
Luke Hepler was born! Finally another boy in the fam! Josh and Carly had their baby at the end of May, who was supposed to be a girl, but definitely is not. So we went to Indy for Memorial Day weekend to meet the little guy. Beck likes to look at him and tell him "hi" but doesn't like for Mommy to hold him for too long. He gets a bit jealous.

Our time with Mason came to an end the last week of June. Beck is definitely going to miss having his buddy over every week.

Boring stuff to help me remember for the next kid...He is taking one nap a day now. Mason started taking only one nap a day, so it was easier to switch Beck to one nap on the days I had Mason and then it just stuck on the other days. So Beck would eat lunch around noon and nap from 1-3ish.

Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant... keep forgetting about that. Last pregnancy my world revolved around my belly. Not so much this time. I'm a little busy. I haven't measured my stomach once... so I'm gonna make myself do it now! Today I'm 28 weeks pregnant and my belly measured 371/2" - the exact same measurement as last pregnancy! Crazy!