Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Liv's 2nd Birthday

Liv's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Berry Minnie Bows, Mickey PB sandwiches, Hot Diggity Dogs

Minnie/Mickey Ears and Minnie Oreo Pops for Party Favors

Not smiling for the camera while we sang Happy Birthday

But as soon as we were done singing and said "blow out your candle" she perked up. STINKER

Licking off the icing

Monday, November 11, 2013

September 2013

September 2013

Mumford and Sons concert with Nottinghams

HTC playground- we spent many days there

They got to pick out a toy at Kohls- Cinderella and Iron Man

The mall playground

Helping Beck blow his nose

Very excited about her rain boots

Our garage sale finds! A pink Jeep and Mr. Incredible

We officially said goodbye to our home on closing day. 

Nottingham Company Picnic at Brown County

Jamie was in charge of roasting the pig

4 wheeling in Brown County

We babysat Lylah. Beck is in love. He loves to take care of her and play with her. 

Hayride with Mimi and Pops

Shootin' a gun

Learning how to shoot and aim

Balloon targets. He shot his targets!

Sissy found the animals!

Putting her dolls in time out. 

Beck's first time to the dr, other than for a well check. He got a spider bite that became infected. 

Day 2 his whole ankle was red, swollen, and hard. He had a fluid filled blister. He complained to lightly touch the area. 

Day 3 on our way home from the doctor. 

Garage Sale find! A $2 vacuum!

Beck's first soccer game

Beck was not interested in soccer. He was shooting his spider web and "hassshhhing" his teammates with his Iron Man powers. He liked to fall a lot to add some excitement to the game. 

He has his shirt tied up like a girl, not bc I want to scar him, but bc he would sit down in the middle of the field during the game and put his arms and legs inside his 5 sizes too big shirt. I was trying to eliminate distractions. 

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life." memory verse for soccer

"It's ok, it's ok... Mom, I'm lovin' on her. It's ok, it's ok. Want your blankie?"

Every night this summer when Daddy got home, he took the kids swimming. They improved a ton over the summer. Beck was "swimming" without any floaties by the end, and jumping in. 

Sissy jumping in the pool

A few days prior Sasha bit Liv. She constantly pointed to the boo boo and said "Sasha bit you"