Friday, June 3, 2011

Beck 14 months

Lots happened in May... Brooklyn graduated from 8th grade (thank you JESUS no more school tuition!!!!!!!!), Cassie went on a cruise with 7 of her besties (and left her baby for 5 whole days!!!), Daddy got to spend 5 days with Beck without Mommy (and had their first father/son camping trip), Beck took up walking as his primary form of transportation, and Baby Drue got to meet Big Bro Beck for the first time!!!

We went in for an ultrasound at 20 weeks and 4 days. No, we did not find out the sex. We did however have the u/s tech check out the anatomy, make her decision on the sex, and print out pics of it, but we sealed it up in an envelope. We thought it might be fun to have as a keepsake. It has been very weird to not see this baby every step of the way. With Beck we had a 4D ultrasound every other week. They were always measuring every inch of his anatomy and overanalyzing everything. So to think we've had 3 ultrasounds, and that's a lot, and we won't have anymore, is very weird. I'm normal this time. Now Beck and I go to Dr. Blanke's office every 4 weeks and listen to Baby's heartbeat on the old school machine.

While Mom was away, the boys played! Jamie and a couple other dads planned a manly event. They hosted the 8 husbands, whose wives were on a cruise, and a few other man friends, and ALL their kids, which totaled 18 kids! Yikes. They played manly games, like carry another man on your back and run a course, shoot a target with a bee-bee gun, and throw the log the furthest. They provided a meal (where my child ate ice cream for the first time because it was Uncle Kyle's homemade ice cream and how could he not!?!). Then a couple of the bravest men spent the night in their tents with the kiddos, Jamie was one of those brave ones. Beck slept through the night in his portable crib next to Daddy. I was very proud of Jamie for making that happen, and not one bit surprised he did.

Beck is at a really fun stage. I feel like I say that every month, but it just works that way. The more he can do the more we get to see his personality, which is the fun part of a kid! While he was capable of walking on his own last month, he didn't have the confidence or desire to do it all the time yet. Two days after I came home from the cruise I decide that every time I put him down I would set him on his feet. Either he was just ready or that helped, because he just started walking everywhere.

He tries to talk all the time. He has this adorable language that he tries to speak where he uses his tongue to make sounds (you can hear just a second of it in one of the videos- I can't ever catch it on video!) He can blow kisses, wave goodbye, say "shoes", "momma", "da", and make monkey sounds and motions (also in video). He has figured out how to climb. He loves to climb onto his stool in his fort. And he LOVES LOVES LOVES to talk on the phone. He has 2 phones and carries them around, one on each ear, saying "hello". If he doesn't have his phones, he'll use anything else as his phone. Don't know where he gets the infatuation with phones!?

The kid EATS!!! I mean, I don't know how other 14 month olds eat, but this kid eats! All he wants to do is eat! I don't know if he's really that hungry, or just likes to snack, or what, but he can put some food away for sure! He only weighs 22 lbs.

Daddy shooting a gun while John holds Beck :)
Beck & Daddy Camping
Beck and his bestie Reed Camping

Beck and Daddy's tent
Haircut time! He's getting about one haircut every other month right now. While I'd like to cut it more often, it is a CHORE! So I don't.
He was NOT a fan of the clippers this time.

It was supposed to be on his forehead to ice the bump, but he liked it in his mouth instead.
Opening Day of Pool Season at Mimi's!
At the zoo in the beaver hole.

Daddy's first trip to the zoo!
First trip to the mall playground.
Waiting to meet his new brother/sister... on an ultrasound.

Instilling savings lessons! Dave Ramsey would be proud!

Working very hard to figure this hose thing out.

Water table fun!
He dips his hand in the water in the sink and then puts his hand on his face. Sanitary.

He learned how to walk with the mower this month.