Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Thanksgiving 2010

It was a great Thanksgiving! Jamie's sister and family came into town (and not for a funeral! which has been the case in the past). Cristina, Brian, Eric, Devlan, Calvin, and Paris came in from New Orleans (Hailey didn't get to come, she lives in Cali). This was their first time to meet Beck. We were so excited for them to all meet! We were amazed how much Beck loved the boys, and how much the boys loved him. There was never a boring or whiney moment for Beck; he loved all the attention, and so did Momma! Jamie acquired a smoker just days before Thanksgiving, so he smoked the turkey, getting up every couple hours throughout the night to tend to it... come to think of it, I don't think he was up that much with his newborn son!!! But it was worth it! We all agreed, it was the best turkey we'd ever tasted! I got schooled in the kitchen. His sisters, just like Jamie and his parents, are amazing cooks! They taught me family recipes, like chicken n' dumplings. Yum!! His sisters whipped up some amazing food! Let's just say I don't go without when his family is in town, that's for sure! And our favorite thing to do was watch Aunt Cristy bounce Beck's chin. It was hilarious!! Check out the video below. We can't wait til they come in town again!