Sunday, October 6, 2013

July 2013

Indy, here we come! At the end of May, Jamie threw out the comment "I'm ready to start looking for jobs in Indy" as he walked out the door one day. He'd discovered there were many more job opportunities in his degree of accounting in Indy than Evansville. I text a college friend who I knew had lots of connections in Indy and asked him if he knew of any jobs. Turns out my friend was looking to hire and within a week or so Jamie had an interview and accepted the position. By the end of June we moved to Indy and Jamie began working for the Nottingham family as an accountant.

In a month we accepted a job in Indy, put our house on the market, and announced we were 12 weeks pregnant with baby #3. We were fortunate to be able to move in with my dad so we could have some time to decide where to live.

We had just moved in about a week prior to 4th of July. The Seymores came to visit for the holiday weekend. Top pic is this year, bottom pic is last year. 


Just layin' out

Saxony Farmers Market

Greattimes for Evan's Birthday

Beach time at Saxony Beach

My new version of Girls Night Out

Our first trip to the Disney Store. Based on their excitement for the store, we booked a trip to Disney. 

She really wants her own "doggy" pillow

Carmel Arts District Wine Festival and Bubs Ice Cream

He was apparently very excited

She loves any animal. Fake or real. 

First time tubing... on Nottingham's boat

Helping sis cross the street

Fishers Concert in the Park

Just some girl talk on the potty. Jenna LOVES to help. 

Buying his first pair of soccer cleats. 

He always takes 2 toys to the playground. One to play with and one to let another boy play with so they can play together. Completely his idea. He gets lots of compliments from parents and many are confused why he's sharing and try to make their child give it back. Beck explains he wants to share so they can play together. As you can see, he makes friends this way. 

The joy of sharing a room... big bro joins you in your crib in the morning for some play time. 


She marked all over the walls. She's trying to clean it off...with her blankie. 

Very excited... where does she get it???

First ponytail

Liv jumping off the steps

Beck jumping in the pool

Liv putting the "smack down"

Beck Tubing

Beck driving go carts at Greattimes

Liv tubing

He started quoting Toy Story 3. By the time I started recording I only got pieces of it. He was giving me all his toys and telling me to take care of them while he was at college. He told me "to keep them together and take good care of them and that they're madly in love. They're the coolest toys ever. These are mine, but I'm going away now. Woody is my favorite; he's been my toy forever. "