Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lo ELEVEN months

Lo ELEVEN months

Weight update:
at 6 mo she weighed 14.1 lb
at 9 mo she weighed 14.1 lb
so the dr recommended she come back in one month for a weight check
at 11 mo she weighed 13.25 lb
so the dr recommended supplementing until her next weight check on Jan 15
I was nursing 5 x a day at the time, so I supplemented with my milk 3 x a day
I also tried egg yolk, high fat yogurt, and avocado. We then discovered she has an egg allergy (for now) and dealt with constipation from the avocado. So between the 2 rounds of vomitting, diahrrea, and dehydration from the egg allergy, no appetite for a week due to the flu, and constipation from the avocado, I didn't see how this girl was ever going to gain weight by her next check up.

She's still in size 2 diapers. Clothes range from 3 mo- 9mo. She is happy all the time. Takes 2 naps a day and sleeps through the night. Starting to jabber. Still not crawling or surfing furniture, but I also don't give her much opportunity or work with her much just bc I'm busy with the other kids.

12 mo christmas dress

0-3 mo shirt

diarrhea from egg

just getting over the flu on Christmas morning

November 2014

Novemeber 2014

date night

hit a deer on my way to bsf

children's museum

children's museum Egypt learning about pharaoh

holding hands

learning to use chop sticks in China at the Children's Museum

The Hansons came into Evansville while we were visiting. It was the first time for them to meet Lo.

First snow was in while we were in Evansville

At Traders Pointe indoor playground

Liv helps me cook every time I'm in the kitchen

picking out a shirt for Daddy...

first sight of their Christmas tree this year

Date Night at St Elmo's courtesy of Jamie's company

date night downtown Indy... went Christmas shopping at circle center and walked to the circle to see the tree and get South bend Chocolate Co ice cream

at the park with the fam while Mimi and Pops were in town