Saturday, August 16, 2014

July 2014

July 2014

Our first peppers from our garden!

Girls Night Out in Broad Ripple

Smothers Park with Mimi

Bomb Pops for 4th of July at Mamaw and Papaw's

Fireworks with the Ragsdales

Beck loved the smoke bombs!!

Planes Fire and Rescue with the Nottingham crew

Turtle Power!

Conner Prairie Petting Zoo

Liv CHASED after each animal to pet them all. She was very comfortable here :)

Kissing the baby goats

Beck hit his teeth on the metal rail at the playground. It knocked both of his front teeth loose, and now one of them sticks out.

Jamie and Josh at the Reds game

Big girl sittin' up this month!


Liv "nursing" her baby :)

"Lay down with me Sissy"

Beck drew a pic of Mason and Max while he was at VBS

Beck with Jayden at VBS

Selah and Liv were too young to attend VBS this year
Splash Park with the kids and Knox on my birthday