Thursday, November 13, 2014

October 2014

October 2014

At Knox's bday party... smitten

Oct 2 First meal at the bar

First night in their room. 

Oct 5 got the bunk beds assembled. I painted a hand-me-down bunk bed while we were living at the Nottinghams

Oct 5 we ate a lot of Culvers this month bc it was close to the house and we were working at the house a lot before it was finished. 

Oct 7 went to a Pacers game with Jessica and the boys. They stayed the night and went to the zoo the next day. 

At the zoo for Halloween with Shockleys

Packing up toys to sell. After you don't have your stuff for 15 months you realize you don't need as much as you think you do. We gave/sold LOTS of clothes, toys, baby items, and decor to Goodwill, friends, and family. 

Chuck E Cheese with Maddie for her overnight birthday party

At Stony Creek Farms 

Shooting the cannon

Nothing like a haystack for entertainment

The pumpkin train

Pickin pumpkins at the church

Liv playing with Beck's hair in church. They're always taking care of each other in class. 

We bought this bike trailer during the summer in 2013 when we moved to Indy, but our bikes were in storage. So our first bike ride was in October 2014. We jumped at the first warm day to get a ride in before it got cold. 

Pumpkin carving time

The only one who would touch the "guts"