Saturday, January 28, 2012

Liv 3 Months

Liv THREE Months
(note to self: these pics were actually taken on her 4 month birthday. I'm a little behind)

Oh I love this little girl! She just smiles and smiles and smiles! Every time I lay her down for a diaper change she laughs. I hear her laughing in the car seat while I'm driving too. She cracks herself up I guess!

She has done awesome with her sleep schedule. It's a night and day difference with her and Beck, and I'm sure most of it has to do with it being my second time to implement Baby Wise. I feel so much more prepared this time. It also helps to have an older kid around who needs my attention during the times she's supposed to be crying it out when I've just put her down for a nap or when she stirs during a nap. The time seems to fly while she's crying (and the most she's cried is 5 minutes) whereas with Beck I'd sit and watch the clock just trying to make myself wait one more minute to check on him. I did him an injustice going in there and "rescuing" him.

I've found TONS of help from the Baby Wise blog, "Chronicles of a Baby Wise Mom". That woman is a saint to have created a blog for us all to benefit from. I only wish I'd found it with Beck.

I can sum up the third month in 2 words... spit-up and poop. Dang this girl keeps me busy. It feels like all I do is wash onesies and burpies.

Sleep patterns:
9 weeks
7 pm Last Feeding
9:30 Dream Feed
6:30-7:30 Wake/First Feeding

10 weeks
7 pm Last Feeding
9:30 Dream Feed
6 or 6:30 paci and back to sleep
7:15-7:45 wake/first feeding

11-12 weeks
7 pm Last Feeding
9:30 Dream Feed
7:00 wake/first feeding

13-14 weeks
7 pm Last feeding
9 pm Dream Feed
7 am Wake/First Feeding

8pm-7am (Dream Feed at 9/9:30)

Not a very good pic of either child, but it was a funny memory... it was the first time Liv wore jeans and Beck was very confused. Apparently he thought only he wore jeans b/c he kept trying to take her jeans off and said "Beck's!" Very weird what they pick up on.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve Morning at Home
Yay for Sissy's new couch!!!
Mommy got him a Bernstein's Bears "New Baby" book... he opened it and said "No"... "no" to the book or "no" to sissy??? We're not sure!?

Christmas Eve Brunch at Mimi and Pop's

Toy Story with Grandma and Grandpa
LOVES his new Buzz backpack!

Christmas Eve at Papa Gregor's

Christmas Morning at Uncle Josh n Aunt Carly's
Huggies for cousin Lukie!
Testin' out Laine's new stroller!

Christmas Dinner at Mamaw and Papaw's
Aunt Pebbles got him a "Tata Head"!!!
The gift that changed our lives! Queen and Mater! Thanks Aunt Jamie!!!

Mommy, Beck, and Liv stayed a few days in Indy while Daddy went to work, then he came back to get us.
Pink toys!!
She loves her new bouncy seat!
Beck's first snow in 2011
Beck's cheeeeeese face

"Look Sis, your first snow!"
Cool face! A remote control truck!

"Whoa, man cool!!" video

We got a video monitor for Christmas, and this is what we saw at about 11pm one night. He whimpered for a couple seconds, then we saw this... it went on for awhile until finally he laid back down.

Liv 2 Months

Liv TWO Months

8 week stats:
Head 38.5 cm; 67%
Length 23 in; 82%
Weight 11lb 10oz; 65%

When Liv was born, one of the nurses mentioned that Liv's tongue seemed to be tied, suggesting that she was "tongue tied". So at her 1 week check up we asked Blanke about it. He wasn't concerned since she was growing and it wasn't affecting me when I fed her. Jamie and I were still concerned about it as the weeks went on bc it is noticeably tied and we'd rather clip it while she was young. We talked to Blanke about it again at her 8 week check up. He reassured me that she was fine and an ENT wouldn't clip it as long as she was growing. The next time we will reevaluate clipping it is when she begins talking, about 12 months. If it affects her speech then he'll refer us to an ENT. In the meantime it could correct itself naturally or traumatically (hopefully not the latter!)

Sample Sleeping Schedule:

5 weeks:
7pm last feeding
9pm dream feed (I wake her up to eat)
2:30 she woke, fed
6:30 she woke, fed, back to sleep
8:30 wake, fed

6 weeks:
8:30 last feeding
10:30 dream feed
3:00 she woke, fed
7:00 wake, fed

7 weeks:
7 last feeding
10:30 dream feed
6 she woke, fed
7:45 wake, fed

8 weeks:
7 last feeding
11 dream feed
7:15 wake, fed

This child spits up a lot! and has a blow out at nearly every feeding! It keeps me very busy and frustrated!! However she is the happiest child ever! Which I tell her makes up for the messes she makes.
Sleeping with "Queen" courtesy of Big Brother

Her first "no-sound laugh"