Sunday, June 24, 2012

Liv 7 months

Liv 7 months

Sitting up
Says "dada"
Clapped... first time at Holiday World sitting in the water with Max
Up on all fours... been doing it in her bed for awhile, but now while playing on the ground too
First time in a restaurant high chair and store cart...loves the cart, not the highchair

We've noticed she gets excited a lot. We're thinking it resembles Momma's excited fits. She clenches her fists with her arms stretched out and curls her whole body together like she's doing crunches. Her face gets all distorted too. Pretty adorable. And funny. And I kinda feel bad for her. I know the comments and looks she'll get someday. Sigh...

First High Chair

Beck loves to take baths with Sis

Max and Liv

When does the tasting everything stage end!?

Very excited!

First time in the cart! Beck was SO excited!!! He just kept wanting to kiss her face... she didn't!

Pulling up!

Liv 8 months

Liv 8 Months

First haircut!
First tooth! on June 16th... bottom left
Walked with walker... across Beck's room
Says momma
She gets up on all fours, rocks back and forth, crawls a couple steps, then falls to her belly and army crawls. UGGHH! Just crawl already!

She is still eating solely breast milk 5 times a day (7, 10, 1, 4, 7)
She still naps twice a day (8:30-10:30 & 1:30-4)
She still sleeps 12 hours at night (7-7)

She is jabbering, blowing bubbles, and waving her arms like crazy this month. She gets SO excited at everything! And she loves her thumb!! Momma's girl? I think so!

off with the mullet!!

Daddy wanted the sides trimmed... Momma didn't. Daddy was the one with the scissors. Good thing they make hair bows!

Clap! Clap! Clap!

My happy girl!

Look at me! I'm standing!!
Our favorite time of the day... After bath on Mommy and Daddy's bed!
Notice Beck won't let Liv have the attention for too long!!

April-May 2012

April-May 2012

Playdate with Mason

Pestering one another as usual

Sadie's Birthday Party

My First Banana Split

Our FREE Play set... almost finished

A Screwdriving FOOL

Fixing Sissy's Car
Helping Daddy build the Playset

He calls the pic a "pickle"!!!!

He tried to dress himself... both legs in one pant leg, trying to walk

Going to work... like Daddy!
Apparently Jesus is on the nickel... and the quarter. Who knew?!
Waiting for the slide to be put on the playset

He made a horsie to ride!!

Daddy fixed his hair... he didn't leave the house like this

The only way he'd ever enter a McD's was if Momma was stranded at the car repair shop for an hour  with both kids... so he got his first and only Happy Meal. I figured I'd document it. 

My after-bath-hair

Playing with Max

Looks exactly like a pic of Beck in the bath from this age... although I don't think they look alike otherwise

Love my baby's curls!


Not sure what to think...

A little braver...