Monday, November 12, 2012

Liv is ONE!

Happy 1st Birthday Liv!

I added ribbon and flowers

Birthday bow

Rice Krispy Lollipop Shapes

Heavenly Sweets Cake from Indy

Chevron Pumpkin 

For Liv's baby friends... yogurt and puffs

The Guests

We rubbed every bit of that on her face, and tore into the cake for her. She did not like the attention. 

My own girlie Veggie Tales from Mimi

Little Mermaid "car" from Mason and Max

Homemade shirt from Amanda

My first baby doll from Grandma Janet

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandbridge Vacation

Sandbridge Vacation
Sept 14-22 2012
Sandbridge Virginia, near Virginia Beach
Our first family vacation and the kids' first trip to the beach. Beck loved rolling in the sand, wading in the waves, and the many playgrounds. Liv surprisingly loved the beach. She was not weirded out by the sand at all. 
We went with the Shockleys. We left at 5 pm. Stopped halfway to sleep in a hotel. Drove the rest of the way the next morning and arrived about 2pm. On our way home we left at 7am and drove straight through. We stopped twice at playgrounds and stopped for meals. The kids did wonderful in the car. 
Jess and I made almost all of our food before we left and packed it in coolers. We mostly just heated stuff up for meals. It was awesome to not have to cook all week!

On our way to our "trip"

Check out my crab!

Casa Bella Home Sweet Home

Putt Putt

His attention span lasted about 3 holes

This was more fun

Look at those chubby legs!

She ate lots of sand. Lots. 

Surfin' the Waves

Oyster Shots

Casa Bella

Aquarium... this was the first and only animal he was interested in

He liked all the "hands-on" stuff way more!


Bike ride along Virginia Beach

The Shockleys

He LOVED the water. LOVED it. 

Big Sis helping him surf the waves

The kids loved the many beach playgrounds

On our way home we stopped at a splash park to run off energy

On the way home, this was the closest thing we could find to a playground...