Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas with the Shockleys

Christmas Babies

The famous "cheeeeeese"!

Christmas PJs!!!!!
He helped me put up the tree! He LOVED the lights!
The boys' ornaments
I may not know how to bake, but I have a rolling pin!

This is what 6 months gets you... the difference between a child who is coloring, and one who is...not.
Pestering Mason...
and Mason's reaction. LOL!!!

I'm pretty sure Mommy learned just as much as Beck about making Christmas cookies!!

She loves it!
And a very excited Max as well! These poor babies!!
Oh boys...
Max is all smiles!
From the sidelines...
um yeah... she may be a sumo wrestler!

Beck pulled a fast one on Daddy and snuck a bite in!

Thanksgiving 2011

After several attempts at a family pic, this is the best we could come up with! Yikes!!

Beck LOVES pianos!! And Daddy loves to make up songs and play/sing them for him!
Liv couldn't be happier!
Despite Liv's crying, haha, Ellie did a great job holding her "cousin"

Practicing for her senior photos

He's singing "Jesus"!