Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beck's 1st Birthday

Monster Mouth apples- granny smith apple wedges with peanut butter filling and almond slivers for teeth
My masterpiece! Custom-made cupcake stand and cupcakes!

Grandma Janet made Beck's smash cake from a recipe on WholesomeBabyFoods.com. Very little sugar and yogurt was a major substitute.

Heavenly Sweets cake from Indy- chocolate cake with caramel and white chocolate mousse filling and buttercream icing
All the food was purposely chosen to color coordinate with the theme.
Home-made Birthday banner. Wrapped the pictures on the wall with coordinating fabric.
Party Favors- monster finger puppets, hand-made monster coloring page, crayons, monster tatoo, monster stickers
monster slime- angel food cake, lime jell-o, marshmallows, vanilla pudding, oreos, sour candy
color-coordinating fruit

sour gummy worms, cheese squares, fruit dip, and twizzlers
Lime punch, Orange cheetos, Red salsa, Orange hummus, Blue chips
cups and lids for the kids!
Laine made Beck a cake!

Mimi kisses

momma kisses
no, still not enough
pin the eye on the monster

"why are all these people singing?"

definitely unsure
"more, more"
he needed a little assistance
then he got the hang of it

This post isn't finished, but for all of those (ok, just Tiff) dying to see the pics, here it is... the narrating will come tomorrow.

Beck 11 months

wow, that hair is long!
"look here Beck, here's how it's done."
"hey Mom, I think Mason's out."
a little afternoon snack on the couch

wall surfing
whatever it takes...
to help me walk...
even if i have to push the laundry basket.
"ah ha!!"
sneaky little thing... paci and blanky
"i love this toy!!!!"

"where to sir?"
"look ma, i'm drivin'!"

Wow, this is late. Beck's 11th month was a bit hectic around here. Between 24 hour morning sickness and planning a major birthday party, on top of daily routine, the blog just didn't make the cut. And now I'm anxious as ever to post his birthday party so I'm pressed to get this blog up to date in order to do so. So here goes! Hope I can remember month 10!!!

Well he started out the month with a bang... he learned how to crawl!! Finally! We started thinking he was gonna walk before he crawled, as he was so good and walking with his walker. Oh the joys that come with crawling! Used to be he'd surf the couch until he got to the very edge, closest to the kitchen (where I spend most of my day!) and just stand waiting for someone to pick him up. Now he crawls to me in the kitchen, pulls up on my leg, and whines to be picked up. It was really cute to watch him crawl out of his bedroom and peek around the corner at me in the kitchen, the first time he realized he could crawl out of his room. Or when Daddy comes home from work; he knows the sound of the garage door, so he crawls to the hallway, peeks his head around the corner, and lets out a "da" with excitement. When walking with his walker, he gets to a wall or barricade of some sort and just continues ramming it, either until someone comes to turn him or if that doesn't happen quick enough, he just sits down and gives up.

The wheels are turnin'... One day in the bath tub, he stacked his stacking cups in the correct order. Then that same week he stacked his stacking boxes in correct order. Very cool. One night we decided to try and watch a movie at Mimi's before Beck's bedtime. I didn't figure it would last long. He made it through the whole movie. He sat on Dad's lap with Cheerio's and a sippy cup most of the time. Then Mimi taught him to do Patty Cake during the movie- including "roll it up, roll it up." He does it perfectly. We were in awe. And now he just goes around the house rolling his arms. We're still working on the "bye bye" wave. Right now he just rolls his fingers around, like he's rollin' a booger. Ha! He figured out how to clap too. He learned to pick up Puffs and Cheerio's with 2 fingers and put them into his mouth!

We finally got to play outside! On a day that we were babysitting Mason, it was just warm enough to take a short ride in the wagon around the neighborhood. All bundled up of course! They enjoyed it anyway.

As for foods, he has started eating the whole egg, scrambled. He eats yogurt (the yobaby kind with whole milk), which is a definite treat to him. He still nurses 4 times a day, takes 2 naps, and sleeps 12 hrs a night.

We didn't cut his hair once this month... notice how long it got by the 11 month photo shot! Wow this child has some hair!

Sadly, I can't remember much about this month. I'll be sure to stay up to date in the future!!