Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

It seemed like a no-brainer what Beck should be for Halloween this year. We used his best asset, his hair, and worked around that. After all, nearly every person over the age of 40 refers to his faux-hawk as Elvis hair. So instead of letting it annoy me, I rolled with it! Elvis it is! Then I decided I had to make the costume. I liked knowing my mom made our Halloween costumes growing up, and it just didn't make sense to go buy one that anyone else could buy. It seemed more fun to be unique. After putting it off for weeks, because I wasn't sure I could pull it off, I finally dove into it the week before Halloween. I bought a white shirt and pants from Once Upon a Child, and gold fabric, glitter glue, and velcro from Hobby Lobby. I flared the sleeves and pants by adding a triangle of gold fabric, decorated the shirt and pants with glitter glue dots, and added a strip of gold fabric to the bottom of the shirt to create a belt. I sewed a gold cape and velcroed it onto the collar. Then I added detail with glitter glue to the belt, spelling out ROCK and drew a guitar, and I added detail to the cape drawing the famous Elvis eagle and spelling out THE KING. When it was all done I couldn't believe I had actually made it. I was proud.

After many urgings from the fam, I decided to enter him into a contest. In downtown Evansville they have trick or treating on Main Street and the local radio station runs a costume contest. Jamie had to work that day, so Mom and Jeff joined us for the contest. He entered the 0-2 yr old category of about 40 contestants. He was 2nd to last, and prior to him getting on stage, the crowd hadn't made much noise for any other contestant; however, when he took the stage they were quite taken by him. A few minutes later, after the judges conversed, they announced Beck as winner for the "most creative" costume. He took the stage again to receive his medal and to bow for the audience one more time. We were filmed by a local TV station as well and made the evening news. It was quite worth it!

On our way home, we stopped by Sprint to trick or treat and surprise Daddy with our winnings! After a nap, Daddy came home and we made our first trick or treat stop at Grandma Janet and Grandpa Scott's house. They were waiting for us! And it was the best stop ever! Grandma Janet had prepared chili and gooey chocolate cake! YU-UM! Next we met the Shockleys at Trunk or Treat so Beck could trick or treat with his bestie, Mason, who was the cutest Charlie Brown ever! Quite the opposite of Beck, Mason's mom drew a hair onto his head, and Beck kept trying to grab the hair (which was draw on with eyeliner). Haha, so cute! Finally we stopped by the Seymore's crib to trick or treat... but the kiddos were already in their pjs, so no pics with them. Sad.

Beck had a great 1st Halloween! And now Mommy has a lot to live up to next year!

Dad/Kid Backpacking Trip

While Beck and I went to Indy for Laine's 4th birthday party, Jamie and Brooklyn went on an overnight backpacking trip for dads and their kids. They went with Jeff and Avin Seymore, Kyle and Amiah Hanson, and John, Jacob and Joel Alvey. Brooklyn, 14, was the oldest by about 6 years and the youngest was 5 years old. They hiked at Two Lakes in Hoosier National Forest for about 3.5 miles and it took them about 3 hours, stopping many times along the way. They learned this was a bit much for 5 year olds! During the hike Jamie tried to keep things lively by singing Father Abraham. Kyle took consecutive shots of this to give us an idea of what that looked like. Silly Jamie. I didn't get too many details, it was a bunch of guys after all, but I do know they had a lot of fun and intend to make it an annual trip. Jamie already talks about taking Beck!