Sunday, September 23, 2012

Liv 10 Months

This month she started eating solids. Woohoo! I dropped a feeding, so she now nurses 4 times a day (7, 11, 3, & 7). I generally only feed her solids at dinner, but if we're all sitting down for breakfast or lunch I'll give her food then too since she's watching us eat and then she wants it.
Breakfast- oatmeal mixed with breastmilk and banana
Lunch- Avocado
Dinner- 1 cube of vegetable (green beans, broccoli, sweet potato, carrots, squash, zucchini) and 1 cube of fruit (mango, pears, apples)
She started using a sippy cup this month. Water or breastmilk

She's very good at crawling and doesn't have much interest in walking or furniture surfing or using a walker.

She talks a lot! So far we can tell that she says "baby" which sounds like "dady", "uh-oh" which is very clear, and "ready, go!" One day Beck was practicing jumping off his step stool. We were all saying, "ready... go!" Then I noticed Liv was saying "go!" (see video below). Then a few days later she started saying the whole thing "ready, go!". She says it all day now while she's just jabbering to herself.

This month Liv got her first major cold. I'm assuming she got it from Beck b/c he showed symptoms first. Hers was much shorter and less severe than Beck's, with only a fever for a couple days and then congestion and coughing for a few days.

Liv went to the ENT for an evaluation of her tongue tie. The dr thought it was severe enough, without hesitation to get it clipped. He offered two choices of clipping- under anesthesia or in office with numbing gel. He led me to believe the anesthesia was the "normal" thing to do and therefore necessary, so I scheduled a surgery. After leaving the office and considering it for a few hours I realized the anesthesia was not necessary. I reschedule for an in office procedure. To be contintued...

my first poopie on the potty!!

picking up food by myself!

she loved the water table

Beck wanted to feed her

in case you missed her 9 month pics... this is one of my favorites

and so is this one! 

in the waiting room at the ENT for Liv's tongue evaluation

snack time


Holiday World

Once a week my friend Jess (Mason and Max's mom) and I took our kids to Holiday World for most of the day. I was a bit nervous about it the first time, handling two kids in water and on rides without Jamie to help, but it was surprisingly enjoyable every time. Many times on the weekends our husbands joined us.

he did not like this ride... it was his first ride ever and went pretty quick and I didn't warn him. he eventually rode it again. 

our first time down the slide

definitely got our money's worth!

playing in line was just as much fun as riding

lunch time

a bit worried

train ride

he just went in circles

and this proved to us they shouldn't ride together anymore

luckily no one was thrown into the water

oh boys...

Leah came with us a few times to help out

finally tall enough to ride the turkeys!!


tough guys

at the beginning of the summer Beck was under 36" and couldn't ride the Santa Sleigh, by the end of the summer he was tall enough!

Mason entertaining Liv