Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meeting the Fam

We came home from the hospital on Friday, March 26th. Shortly after we got home Jamie's sister, Carolyn, and her daughter, China, came to visit. On Saturday Dad, Josh, Carly, & Laine came to visit from Indy. Grandpa Gregor brought him his first Disney outfit- as we were huge Disney fans growing up! Saturday night Mom, Jeff, Scott, & Janet joined us for dinner. Mom and Janet brought us a wonderful meal!
Coming home had been really hard for me emotionally. I listened to several nurses warn me of postpartum blues when I got home, but I thought that was only for crazy people. Well I must be crazy! I wasn't scared of being competent to take care of my new baby, I knew I could do it, but my emotions were not my own! I was being driven by hormones out of my control. I needed my momma! I couldn't wait for her to get there Saturday night. It made me so thankful for a loving and nurturing mom that I could depend on, and then I thought of how one day Beck would look to me that way. So all in one swoop Mom came in and helped Beck and I get some rest. She helped me get Beck on the right schedule. He had been up most of the night on Friday night, so she kept him awake for a few hours on Saturday while I napped.
The next weekend after Beck was born, Sunday, April 4th, was Easter. So we headed to Indy to celebrate Jesus and let the rest of the fam check out our sweet baby Beck. Mamaw loooved him! No one knew what to do with a boy! He was the first boy in 10 years! She has 8 other grand or great grand kids that have come along, that are all girls. Yay for Beck!! It was so fun to have him around for the Easter Egg Hunt... while he didn't find the Golden Egg (cousin Lainey found it!), he did find his first egg- with a little help from Mom and Dad! And of course we had to get a pic of all the girls with Beck!

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