Friday, April 3, 2015

Feb 2014

February 2014
Beck 4
Liv 3
Lo 1

Jenna spent the night for her birthday. We went to the Children's Museum. 

Playing with clay

The Garrison's spent the night with us while they were in town picking up a new car. They went to the Children's Museum with us. 

riding solo


Found her brushing her teeth while she pottied

Furniture surfing to get closer to Momma in the kitchen

Took the kids out to dinner at Bazbeauxs in Broad Ripple for Valentines Day

While I had a few hours on Valentines Day to run errands, Daddy helped the kids clean the house and make me some flowers :)

THis is what she wanted to wear out into the snow. She came back in seconds later and said she was too cold. 

Shaving Cream!!! She looked awed and amazed, but after touching it...

She wanted it off immediately. I made her stop to take a pic. Not what I expected out of this girl. 

She does NOT have shaving cream. She has yogurt ;)

ok who took my Beck? BC my Beck hates to get messy and chaotic. He went. To. Town. Didn't even ask permission. Very un-Beck-like.

Getting her used to the potty. First time on... and she pooped!

Look Mom I'm surfing!

Attack Mom with snowballs

Please notice what Liv is wearing. Full snow attire. 

Then notice here. She comes back out with less on. 

And then folks, she takes her jacket off and is wearing a tank top with snow pants.  I can't make this stuff up. 

Hill jumping

She's nuts. 

At least she left her gloves on???

He taught me how to build a snowman, because Daddy had taught him. 

I found him in bed reading books before bed. I hadn't asked him to do this and it was a huge help to me (Jamie was out of town for 4 days)
We tried piggy tails

We went to Maddie and Jenna's basketball tournament game

Mamaw may have had her hands full

Maddie and Jenna's cheer section

Papaw wanted an autograph

 This girl can eat her weight in food, but chicken especially!

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