Saturday, August 16, 2014

June 2014

June 2014

"Royals on 3!!"

Proud of his first trophy, from Coach Ryan

Jamie started playing golf, and attending golf tournaments with his friends ;)

Celebrating Pastor Josh on his birthday with our plaid

Fishin' with Daddy at Papaw's lake on Father's Day

She wanted to touch the fish, are we surprised?

They made a Turtle Sewer to jump into

Sliding down "The Great Wall of China" at the Children's Museum

Daddy made him his first bow n arrow. They picked out their sticks from the back yard and whittled them into a two-toned bow :) Beck is so proud.

Headed to Mimi's house via the railroad!... stopped at the Children's Museum to play with Daddy on our way to Evansville for a few days

at Daddy's softball game- we watched him play every Monday night. They won the tournament!

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