Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beck 6 months


Half a year! Half a year! That's how much time has gone by! Half a year! I just can't believe it. It is so bittersweet. He is doing so much new, fun stuff every day, but I'll never have my tiny baby back. Just the other day I put in his Third Day lullaby CD that I hadn't listened to since he was teeny tiny. It made me cry.

To kick off the 6th month, he got haircut #3 for his 6 month pics. This time he went to my hairstylist, Waleed, since auntie Meg was out of town. I took along his Bumbo, so he got to sit all by himself. We discovered he preferred sitting with Momma. After about 2 minutes, he'd had enough. One of Waleed's friends had stopped by the salon and just in time for the haircut. She couldn't get enough of Beck, so she joined us for the haircut. When he started crying I knew exactly what I needed to do, but I did NOT want to do it. Not in front of all those people! But the mother in me said "suck it up, your kid needs you!" So I began to sing. I had exhausted every song we normally sing and Waleed still wasn't done. I was sweating. What now? Then Waleed's friend busted out in song... "Rah rah ah, ah, ah. Roma, roma, ma. Gaga, ooh, la, la..." Beck just starred at her. Hilarious. Finally it was over. Waleed was ecstatic. He didn't get many clients asking for a faux-hawk. Then he swooped Beck up and paraded him all over the salon showing him off to everyone.

He sure is trying to talk! We don't know what he is sayin', but he seems to know! He says it with such gusto! So much that spit usually accompanies his speech. We get a big kick out of watchin' him try!

He tested out the highchair for the first time this month while we were at Scotty's (Momma's favorite burger joint, in Indy) with Josh, Carly, Laine, and Papa Gregor.

He celebrated his 6 month birthday in Indy. Last time Papa Gregor had seen him, he had just turned 4 months and barely rolled over. Boy was he surprised to see all he could do now! He was all over the place and telling Papa Gregor all kinds of stories! Beck loved to sit on his counter in his Bumbo and slobber all over Papa Gregor's utensils.

We also visited the Thompson gang in Indy. The girls couldn't get enough of Beck. Jenna was so interested in taking care of Beck and watching what he could do. Maddie was such a helper. She noticed that he had lots of slobber on his chin, so she would get napkins to wipe it up. She just couldn't understand why he wouldn't stop! Aunt Jamie had brought down some of the girls' old toys and Maddie was confused why he was allowed to put them in his mouth. She got frustrated that he was slobbering and chewing on all her toys! Jenna got a chance to hold baby Beck! Such a big girl! Kate and Ellie gave him lots of hugs and kisses too!

Beck became a bottle-feeding champ this month! While I was subbing one day, Mimi helped him discover that he liked bottles- well, like might be a strong word. He tolerated them. She tricked him into thinking it was a toy, and just like all toys, he put it straight into his mouth. 4 oz later, he had finished lunch! So Daddy was excited to try it next one night while I was at Panera with mah girlzzz. He sent me a video of Beck drinking his bottle all on his own, sittin' in his Bumbo on the counter. Then Grandma Janet got her shot at it while Mom and I went to a concert. Sure enough, it was a success for her too!

It has been a team effort around here to allow me to stay home with Beck AND send Brooklyn to ECS. We receive financial assistance for half tuition, so we're left to pay $260 per month. So I have picked up several part time gigs. I sub every once in a while for ECS. I tutor after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, art lessons on Tuesdays, and all while Brooklyn watches Beck. On Fridays I clean Mom's house, which is a blessing because Beck can go with me. In addition, Mom has hired me to help her with D'Vine Design. I get to update her website with new houses as she finishes them, come up with furniture layout ideas for current houses she is designing, do filing, etc. Recently I was hired to paint a mural and a monogram on the walls in one of the houses she and Jeff are working on right now. I'd love to have a future in the design business with her, but for now I'm thankful for all the ways God is providing for our family.

Beck's 6 month stats:
weight 18lb 3oz
length 26 3/4in
head circ 44.5cm

Check out Beck's 6 month pics at
password: BDruelinger1

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